If the term "LS 5603-20" means anything to you, you're in the right place.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Welcome to my World

As a student in Texas Woman's University, I am working on an assignment wherein we create a blog to review children's books throughout the semester. Blog posts with that goal will be clearly marked as such, and will probably include a genre for reference by my classmates.

Literature for Children and Young Adults-- LS 5603-20-- is professed by Instructor Sylvia M. Vardell, Ph.D. Professor. This is the Summer Semester of 2007.

For all my dry humor, I'm actually looking forward to learning more about Children's Literature, and the systems of Collection Development that fuel it. I view children as our future, and I'd like to contribute to a bright, happy, and educated future. To that end, this course-- and the book reviews posted in this blog-- are an important part of my process.

My name is Staci. I'm a Leo. Hi.

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